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Are you successful and truly happy, or are there parts of you that are unfulfilled? The extraordinary life you want is within your grasp, but you need clarity and focus to achieve it.

Amazon Best Seller 2017

Intro To Meta Mind Analyses

Firstly, this is a book on how to help heal your life and change yourself in marvelous ways. However, this is not a book on what I refer to as “out-there theories.” I endeavor in this book to give you my personal understanding of the mind based on over eighteen years as a hypnotherapist and trainer by providing you with real life examples of my theories. We can probably all agree that the bulk of the industry is littered with these “out-there theories” that rely only on trust that what the author is saying is good enough. Now, I do not mean to knock this approach; I just want to apply a new understanding and prove my point lucidly so you can grasp a firm understanding of the content in this book.

See Scott Jansen Live and experience your Meta Mind breakthrough!

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