A Sneaky Trick Your Mind Will Play On You

There is a sneaky trick your mind will play on you when setting your goals that could have you just about to crack open a treasure chest of wealth, happiness, and abundance but ultimately fall short.

Let’s look at the mind at an automatic or unconscious level. Not only is our unconscious mind great at keeping us healthy, safe and secure it also is the master of repressing unwanted memories, that we as human beings can not handle.

If your unconscious mind believes that an old and painful memory is too much for you to handle it will go out of its way to hide it at any cost.

So a sneaky trick your mind will play on you when setting goals, and actually is a clear hint that your on the right track to unearthing old memories or information that are holding you back in life, are simple defense mechanisms that your mind will put into action automatically.

At the moment you are trying to find real unconscious information as to why your life is the way it is, or why you can not seem to lose weight, generate unlimited abundance or just be generally happy in life, and these limitations are attached to a very painful memory you will begin to feel these defense mechanism in action.

Feeling tired, irritated, confused, fidgeting or a general sense of unhappiness is your mind in action. These feelings are your unconscious mind saying STOP what you are doing.

At this point, your unconscious mind is preventing the exploration of trying to fix your life to avoid you retrieving that memory and finding out something about your experience in life that your mind does not want you to see.

Now in some cases, it is best off not knowing what they are. But in other cases its the revelation from this memory that will create catharsis and release of emotional and physical blocks.

So to turn this all to the positive you should actively hunt to the point you get these feelings. This is where the gold is. This is where the insights you learn from pushing through the confusion, the tiredness and the irritation that leads to a true breakthrough.

Use these subtle feelings or sensations as a clue that you are on the right track to totally transforming the way you live your life.

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