How Much Will Your New Goal Cost

How much will your new goal cost? From the new house, the holidays, the fancy gifts and the expensive dinners, how much will your new goal coast?

Goal setting and achievement can be one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. To finally see all these numbers in your bank account, getting the keys to your new house or landing in an exotic location with your family and loved ones.

Time and time again, no matter where I am presenting I hear, “Scott I want to be a millionaire”, “I want to be rich and successful and live an exciting life”.

And its funny to hear when I ask “how much will your new goal cost”?, I receive a shrug of the shoulders for the answer.

So what if while reading this we actually added it up? What if the life you desire, the holidays you want to take and the car you want to drive won’t cost you the millions of dollars you want to make.

Wouldnt that make getting your goals that little bit easier?

What if by adding up what your ultimate life and living expenses would cost only came to half of what you thought it would.

From thinking you wanted to make 10 million a year, your lifestyle, expenses, savings and everything you dreamed of only required you to make 2 million per year.

Sure having that extra could be used to invest, save or be put aside for a rainy day. But by reaching your true life expenses, you could enjoy your perfect life quicker than you think.

If your goal is just to be rich, have a big house, a fast car and all the shiny things you want, but with nothing specific, you might be surprised to find it may not be as costly as you first thought.

So let’s do this together…

If your goal is to buy new house lets get specific and add it up.

Where do you want to live? Country, state or location?

What type of house? Bedrooms, look, layout and even color

Are you buying with cash or taking out a loan? What are your repayments?

What is the upkeep costs to maintain your house?


This same exercise with specifics can be used for your new car, holiday or even complete change of country living.

If you got down to the specifics of each thing, how much will your new goal cost?

If by doing your research you noticed that your new lifestyle, new house, car, and savings only added up to $500,000 per year but you really wanted to be a millionaire, isn’t it nice that you could live your dream life quicker than you think?

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