Know This Before Your Next Personal Development Event

You must know this before your next personal development event if you really want to have the breakthroughs gurus will tell you, you can have.

There is nothing better than being surrounded by people who want to take control of their lives and manifest unlimited abundance.

With a seminar room full of excited people who are ready for change, can begin to inspire your mind in unlimited ways.

However, why is it that only days after of being excited, the energy wears off, and your miserable life is waiting for you?

Sure, when you attend seminars we are told to follow a certain system that will change your life. And sure we may do it for a few days, then it happens…

We lose focus, hope, and excitement and give up

I believe, as a personal development and therapy trainer for close to 2 decades, there is 1 deciding factor that you need to know before your next personal development event.

This is what your life revolves around in patterns. And if you have given up hope on doing the things you have been told to do by gurus, I wonder if this giving up mentality shows up in other parts of your life also?

Maybe you are like a high majority of us who attend every seminar hoping for the next big thing in personal development, only to find you give up midway through.

If real positive change is important, you need to understand this.

No matter what you do, what seminar you attend, how hopeful and excited you get, your mind will always work against you… If there is an over ridding pattern in your life.

Play this game with me.

Reflect back over your life and think about how many times…

Financial strain has shown up in your life, over and over again

Relationship breakdowns, over and over again

Consistency to stay on track, over and over again

Health issues, over and over again

Goal setting and failure, over and over again

Negative feelings, over and over again

If you find that there is a pattern in your life that shows up in your career, finances, self-development, relationship, destiny, health and the even relationship it should shed a light on what is really going on in your life.

If we attend a seminar that excites us, promises us a new life with unlimited possibilities but does not show us how to actually impact the unconscious mind aside from visualization ( which is an extremely weak process of the mind ) your life is doomed to repeat itself.

These patterns are hard-wired and serve a purpose.

Without them, our life could not remain on automatic and things we take for granted like living, driving, thinking, breathing, eating etc would have to be consciously controlled, and life would be impossible.

Your unconscious mind creates patterns and serves this purpose for 1 thing only


If you breathing is automatic, you are safe and you will live. 

If your heart beats automatically, you live

If you feel and experience life on automatic we can enjoy it to its uppermost extent.

And these same rules apply for your finances, career, relationship, and health.

Our unconscious mind keeps us safe. And if it decides that you staying within your means and just getting by is SAFER, than you growing as a person, getting rich and famous, with a high chance of failure, it will make your results limited, thus your excitement wears off.

If you push to be rich and happy, and your mind deems that you being rich and happy could put you in a situation of losing it all and being heartbroken, it will do everything in its power to veer you off course.

Which is why your excitement was off ( again )

Your mind wants it this way.

Its why the consistency wears off and you find excuses as to why the last seminar didn’t work. Your mind wants it this way.

Its why your life revolves around patterns. Your mind will continually spin this pattern unless intervened and told otherwise.

And as stated, visualization just does cut it.

You better believe that if you want to go against the automatic safety of the mind, push through and really change your life, your mind will repeal.

On a positive note, if you have kept pushing through and notice how it seems that your life falls to bits before it gets better, this is a great sign that you are on track.

A real personal breakthrough will be painful, hard work and in some cases really risk your safety ( in a metaphoric way ) this is your mind trying to rebel.

Show it whos boss!

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