Master The Entrepreneur Inside Of You

To master the entrepreneur inside of you requires us to look further than positive thinking, thanking the universe and being grateful, and turns our attention to the work that needs to be done.

Try this game for me…

Sit in a chair and place a pencil in front of you, maybe on a desk or on the floor.

Stare at this pencil and ‘will’ it to move. Speak to it with all of the power your mind has to offer and make it move.

So what happened? If you are like the majority of us, you would agree it did nothing. Proving the point of just using the power of the mind to get what you want in life is not enough.

Physical action needs to be conducted, over very long and consistent periods of time.

Now, this is not to say that will and redirection of the mind are not important because they truly are. I’m talking about aligning the mind unconsciously with what you want, and also using your physical skill to express this goal in your mind.

Like any entrepreneur, we understand that running, starting or even changing the direction of a business plan takes work.

But how much? How much work does it take to master the entrepreneur inside of you?

Firstly let’s work out what type of person you are:

The settler: This person has settled. They have come to an understanding that life happens to them and nothing can be done. Life is as good as it will get and they are happy just surviving.

The thinker: This person thinks, and thinks a lot. They think about goals, think about a new life and go to the extent of telling everyone their great ideas, but never execute any of them.

The Doér: The Doér is a mix of thinker and an action taker ( the Doér ) they think, plan and execute with a real zeal for their work. However, you will find this person works in the confines of maybe the 9-5 mentality, with no sacrifice over getting work done instead of going out to be social and enjoying life at that moment.

The Obsessor: This is the true entrepreneur. They think, breath, act towards success. They are a mix of the thinker, Doér and a whole lot more. They sacrifice their time, friends, family and even health ( in some cases ) to reach that dream. These people are the masterminds behind some of the biggest technical advantages we have today and are the people we read about who stopped at nothing to get things done! No matter what the cost.

So which one are you?

The equation to master the entrepreneur inside of you is simple when understanding what and how much work needs to be done.

Let’s say you have healthy competition in your chosen industry and you want to rise to the top. Knowing that the more the world knows about you, the more likely it is for people to buy your product and reach out to you.

So putting this into play looks like this.

Get a list of your competition and see what they do, and do more. 5,10,15,20 more times the work that they do.

If they post 1 blog a day, you post 5 a day

If they create 1 video a day, you create 10 a day

If they use social media every 5 hours, you use it every hour

Now I get it. Spamming information that is not worth even reading is not the goal here. It is the fact of getting more done with a high level of sophistication that really counts.

Let’s say you wanted to blog about your business, or what you do as a coach, therapist, website creator or fitness professional.

If you made the decision to post once per day ( maybe an hour or so of your time ) over a whole year you would accumulate 365 ( simple )

What if you dedicated your time to 3 blogs per day… What will this give you in quality content?

What if you decided to make a new, how to, or informative video for your YouTube channel once per day on top of your blogs? … What does your year of work look like now?

If you want to master the entrepreneur inside of you, you need to outdo, out think and out create your competition.

Do 5,10,15,20 times more than they do over long periods of time!


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