Mastery Of Your Mental Energy For Success

The mastery of your mental energy for success dictates your stamina for things that matter in your life. With complete mastery of your mental energy you can tap into an unlimited store of mental energy like a long distance runner who depletes their threshold, then taps into their second wind.

Like anything in life, especially your goals and business, your ability to hone is and give complete concentration to your tasks is the true secret to a successful life.

However, while this sounds easy we are surrounded by distraction from outside stimulus that drains our powerful resources and has our mental capacity drained like leaving a tap on.

In the same metaphor, think of your energy like running water. Construction workers will tell you, that in order to have water flow from its source to the desired place, it requires a length of pipe that leads the water in a constant and flowing nature.

Our mental energy is the same.

The pipe is our ability to concentrate and concentrate on what is important.

It’s interesting to note that we have all at least once, tapped into our storage on natural energy or our second wind. You may have even noticed that some tasks in business, goal setting or even your health goals, the thought of beginning can lead us to feel anxious, board or even instantly unmotivated. 

However, once the task has begun we go into a flow state and the energy we need is utilized correctly. 

By learning how to concentrate better, and have control over your body and outside influences, you can begin to master your mental energy for your success.

To begin mastering your mental energy here are some simple to follow steps that will help train your concentration and your mental stamina.

  1. Concentration: As an example, let’s say you are a business owner with several tasks to complete. Avoid too much at one time. Meaning concentrate on 1 task at a time. Never mix tasks. Your concentration while strong can scatter quickly and use up precious storage of energy.
  2. Turn it off: With something important to do, turn off outside distractions like facebook, twitter, email notifications and even your phone ( if you can ) put your focus on tasks that matter, not on images of what people had for lunch that is posted all over facebook.
  3. Your body: Although small, your twitching, fidgeting and unnecessary movements of your body can zap your energy. Take control your these and calm you down to keep your concentration and energy flowing like that pipe delivering water.
  4. Motivation: If you find its hard to get started on a task, just begin and know your second wind will be utilized. This flow state is where time seems to disappear, motivation is amped up and ah-ha moments are plentiful is your second wind. We have an unlimited storage of this energy but very rarely utilize. 

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