Meta Mind Analyses Breakthrough is your 3-day breakthrough healing event with Scott Jansen. This 3-day event is where your commitment to yourself, your life, your family and your destiny come into play. You will be tested emotionally, physically and mentally as you finally tell your mind to release you of torment and pain. There are 4 steps all committed students will follow through in order to relieve themselves once and for all and live a life on the terms they feel they deserve. Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and step over it? Are your aspirations and dreams really worth it? If so, Scott Jansen and his team are there to support you every step of the way. This is our promise.




We all have it. It’s that agreement you have with yourself that lets you get to sleep at night, even though you loathe your life. Drop the mask that you put on, just to cover up the internal pain of your life circumstances. Drop the mask that helps you justify being overweight, broke, angry, and worn out. drop it—feel the vulnerability of facing your life head on.


Find the biggest thing you hate about your life. What has so much pain attached to it that even at the thought of it your emotions want to explode? This is what the torment is. This is the creator of the patterns that are present in the eight pillars of your life (which we will get to).


Look over every pillar of your life and notice if the feeling you have right now exists in every part and scenario of your life. If you are feeling ashamed, notice how it manifests in your social life and how you treat people. Notice how you feel ashamed about money while everyone is poor. Notice how you feel ashamed about your career because you turned in a co-worker for being late to work so you would get the promotion.


If you have just experienced pain, emotions, insight, and confusion, you are on your way to a new way of living. A clarifying metaphor for what you just experienced would be this: imagine that you have a dirty cup with dirty water. The cup and the dirt represent your life, and the water represents your emotions.

"The fundamental mistake of the personal development industry is the thought that moving forward, changing your life, and experiencing joy, happiness, love, and abundance is easy as long as you set you to mind to it. Most people really underestimate the hard work needed to do this. It takes dedication, motivation, and the need to create something better in your life, even if the new things you want are coming slowly" Scott Jansen


  • The complete Scott Jansen’s Meta Mind Analyses Equation to completely heal your groundhog day effect of a negative existence
  • Locate unconscious loop and reveal the unconscious truth as to ‘why’ your problems loop over and over again and how to stop this natural process
  • How to harness the power of the unconscious mind with the Meta Mind Analyses repetition rule and instantly destroy the unconscious loop and prevent it from ever returning
  • Activating the 8 pillars of a marvelous existence and how to increase your life 10 fold without any effort (putting your goals on autopilot)
  • How to win the tug of war of life that will instantly resolve your issues with money, relationships, happiness, health, wealth, and love
  • How to prepare your mind for Scott Jansen’s Decision Day method and put your mind into winning mode
  • And much more
  • How to unconsciously heal your life and transform your reality without relying on out there theories ever again.
  • How to hit the “enjoyment switch” to increase your interaction with your life’s pleasures
  • How to unconsciously connect and rekindle your relationships and love life
  • How to prevent the mind from falling back into old patterns and dramatically increase motivation, persistence, perseverance, and attitude with the Meta Mind Analyses Winning Equation
  • Master Scott Jansen’s Self Healing process that can be utilized anytime and anywhere and in any circumstance of life
  • How to use vulnerability as a powerful motivator to smash your goals of wealth, happiness, and fame literally overnight
  • And much more


Once the healing has been done ( and it can be quick ) it’s time to recreate your new life using your rules. The unconscious mind is known to be a slave to our desires. But this can only occur when the mind has been cleared of old negative patterns, and this is what the MMA equation excels at. Now you will be trained in the highly successful unconscious life creator and teach your mind to set up the exact conditions of your new life. Time to be bold and attain your deepest desires of success, intimacy, wealth, fame, and fortune. It’s your time to shine

What Is Meta Mind Analyses?

Meta Mind Analyses is the creation of Scott Jansen and his system he used to treat A-list celebrities, Olympic athletes, Singers, Entertainers and Professional sports stars who were experiencing the negative downside of life. Through Scott’s 18 years a professional therapist lead him to uncover Meta MInd Analyses that has broken all the rules of conventional personal development and has been the corner stone to his clients success

Is Meta Mind Analyses hypnosis?

Meta Mind Analyses utilizes the rules, strategies, and methods from Scott Jansen’s Hypnosis Method, and allows the user to self-heal and eradicate old life patterns without the need to see a therapist. It brings the power of hypnosis into self-development which has never been done before.

Is Meta Mind Analyses hard to follow?

If you have done any personal or self-development you would agree that the same rules are repeated over and over. The pattern of just imagining yourself a better, wealthy and healthy person has been mentioned over and over again but this requires a lot of work and persistence of the user. Meta Mind Analyses instead, requires the user to clear old patterns through simple to follow mindset shifts and strategies that finally reveal the key to personal success.

“You must move back before you move forward in life, or you risk dragging the old shit with you. Imagination just doesn’t cut it anymore” Scott Jansen (creator)