The Meta Mind Analyses Introduction is a 1-day event with Scott Jansen designed to help you finally destroy negative life patterns and master your dream life. From his best selling book an Intro To Meta Mind Analyses, Scott Jansen will show you how to surpass your limitations in life, eradicate negative patterns in life and stop your life repeating itself on a negative loop. Meta Mind Analyses demands you face your demons head on and finally resolve them.


Why would you attend this Meta Mind Analyses program? Why would you finally commit yourself to truly unlocking your power of motivation, confidence wealth and fortune? If the below sounds like you, this program is one you can not miss.

  • Do you find you attract the same partner, with the same faults as the last?
  • Do you experience feelings of guilt and lack of worthiness when opportunities present them self to you?
  • Do you struggle to save money, keep money or attract more?
  • Does your weight fluctuate no matter how much you diet and exercise
  • Do you continually argue with your partner over the same issues without resolution?
  • Do you find yourself only putting in a small amount effort towards your biggest desires?
  • Do you get nervous when you think about being successful and achieving your biggest dreams?
  • Do you experience lack of motivation when it comes to completing goals and building a new life for yourself?
  • Do you experience doubt and frustration with everyday tasks
  • Do you get highly jealous when friends and family experience wealth and fortune in their life?
  • Do you have bad habits that are impossible to quit no matter how much you try?
  • Do you find it impossible to connect with people in a social gathering and feel embarrassed?
  •  Do you find it impossible to break away from negative thinking and acting in certain situations in your life?


Are you ready to feel vulnerability, experience emotional pain, and turmoil and ready to let go of the old mask that you wear to hide the fact your life has not worked out the way you wanted it? Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and finally walk over it and take control of your life, emotions, circumstances, and destiny? Do you desire…

  1. Increased wealth and abundance that is long lasting?
  2. Increased connection with friends family and loved ones?
  3. Increased connection with your husband/wife and children?
  4. Increased happiness that shines without hesitation?
  5. Increased control over emotions of anxiety, dread, fear, and anger?
  1. Increased ability to self-heal to improve every corner of your life?
  2. Increased and unbreakable motivation to achieve your weight loss desires?
  3. Increased commitment to your life goals and aspirations?
  4. Increased control of harmful habits, negative self-talk, and addictions?
  5. Increased love, care, and acceptance of self?

Relationships & Family

What if you could attract your soulmate, harness complete love inside your family or even resolve family issues that have prevented you from real connection with the ones you love the most

Wealth & Worth

What is your financial dream? Is being rich, famous and respected at the top of your list? What do you worthy yourself at? What price do you give on your aspirations and dreams in life? Finally, gain mastery over your potential life worth and wealth.

Emotional Control

How do you cope with negative situations? Do you act before you think resulting in emotional outbursts that lead to more problems in life? What if you could finally control your emotions and switch off your ‘hot triggers’ to stay cool, calm and collected in even the most stressful of situations.

Motivation & Persistence

If you have ever set goals before, you would agree that motivation and persistence are the breakers of all dreams. Why is it that from 1 day to the next your motivation can sky rocket then the next die within seconds. Are you not curious why?

Identity & Self Love

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Do you truly love yourself no matter your emotional state? When true self love is experienced its as if you become unbreakable in your life, no matter what life throws at you

Passion & Destiny

Do you love what you do? What were you put on this planet to do? If getting up for work is a nightmare and a struggle, at what point do you admit your worth more than this? What is your message and life skill the world needs to experience? Want to find out what it is?


  • Introduction to the Scott Jansen’s Meta Mind Analyses Equation to completely heal your groundhog day effect of a negative existence
  • Introduction to the groundhog day effect and the unwritten rules of a negative existence
  • Introduction to the unconscious safety rule that will jeopardize all your goals and aspirations ( bar none )
  • Introduction to your “avoidance mask” and how it covers your reality and keeps your life in constant confusion and misery
  • Introduction to why successful people seem to attract more wealth and money even through tough times ( it has nothing to do with a positive attitude )
  • And much more
  • Introduction to how your mind learns from positive experiences and creates negative experiences as you develop into an adult
  • The secret to why your life seems to loops in a constant state of pain and anguish
  • The key to your financial success and the unconscious loop that decides if you will rich or poor
  • The key to why you attract unloving relationships, heartache, and pain no matter how much you try
  • The law of reverse effect which dictates the level of success you will experience in life
  • And much more

"There is 1 thing I noticed after working with over 8000 clients in the past 18 years is that our life’s run on unconscious patterns, and despite what you may think finding these patterns are a tremendous task, but I have found the solution" Scott Jansen

What Is Meta Mind Analyses?

Meta Mind Analyses is the creation of Scott Jansen and his system he used to treat A-list celebrities, Olympic athletes, Singers, Entertainers and Professional sports stars who were experiencing the negative downside of life. Through Scott’s 18 years a professional therapist lead him to uncover Meta MInd Analyses that has broken all the rules of conventional personal development and has been the cornerstone to his client’s success

Is Meta Mind Analyses hard to follow?

If you have done any personal or self-development you would agree that the same rules are repeated over and over. The pattern of just imagining yourself a better, wealthy and healthy person has been mentioned over and over again but this requires a lot of work and persistence of the user. Meta Mind Analyses instead, requires the user to clear old patterns through simple to follow mindset shifts and strategies that finally reveal the key to personal success.

“You must move back before you move forward in life, or you risk dragging the old shit with you. Imagination just doesn’t cut it anymore” Scott Jansen (creator)

What is the Meta Mind Analyses Introduction?

Think of this day, as the day you took the first crucial step into living the life you deserve and want. This 1-day introduction to this revolutionary system will open your eyes up to what it actually takes to break free of the chains of a mundane and painful life. Where else will you find nearly 2 decades of therapy experience than with Scott Jansen himself? If you think your life is worth changing for the better because you have desires that up until this point have not been met, this day will truly change your life