Stop Your Painful Emotions Instantly

You would agree that out of the blue, crippling emotions of pain and despair can take over your thoughts instantly. So wouldn’t it be fundamental to know HOW to stop your painful emotions instantly? To finally take control over even the most painful emotions you have?

Firstly by learning how to stop your painful emotions instantly, we must first know why in most cases, they can be difficult to deal with.

We all have what is known as a conscious ( awareness ) part of our mind, and an unconscious ( automatic ) part of our mind that makes up who we are. Knowing this is important for 1 big reason.

Our emotions are automatic. In order to feel emotions of any kind, we either find our self in a situation we either hate or love, reflect on something we hate or love or injure our self etc and an emotion can be felt.

By our emotions being automatic, we must recognize that our emotions exist unconsciously, thus being automatic. And this is why in most circumstances they are hard to control consciously.

But there is 1 trick that will help you stop your painful emotions instantly.

As human beings, when we experience something painful we want to turn away and almost ignore it or act as if it does not exist. 

By ignoring these emotions, we are allowing them too constantly exist. Emotions need to be felt and drained or they become a part of us, and over time we actually begin to act and feel differently in a certain situation of our life from these emotions.

Think of someone who has had their heart broken. When they decide to begin a new relationship those old emotions are triggered and bouts of jealousy can be felt, distrust or even a recurring thought that the same demise of the last relationship will happen again. Even if there is no evidence to support this.

So what can you do to stop your painful emotions instantly?

A simple game of challenging them is a sure fire way to drain them rather than suppress them.

Try this for yourself.

Next time you feel that emotion, don’t ignore them ( any of them ). 

Talk to yourself inside your mind and tell ( yourself ) to increase the pain and anguish. Challenge it. Tell it to grow.

If done correctly you will instantly notice how extreme it can get. But what goes up must come down. And once the peak of the emotion has been felt you will notice how it dies down and releases.

Over time doing this you instantly take control over your emotions and even your thoughts.

Feel your emotions. Challenge them. Don’t run and hide!

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