The 5 Second Connection Rule

We have all heard the 5 second rule for dropping food on the floor. But did you know there is also the 5 second connection rule for meeting new people that could be the start of an exciting life?

The 5 second connection rule either makes you or breaks you. Let’s say you are on a first date, you have 5 seconds upon meeting this person that can seal your fate.

Or maybe you are at an important job interview. You have 5 seconds to make an everlasting impact on your new employees.

Regardless of what it is, the psychology of meeting people for the first time is out of your control. At an unconscious level, whether you believe it or not, we judge people as either friend or foe.

This automatic judgment helps us decide on how we feel about this person.

Could you imagine being on a first date? Having mustered up the courage to say yes to it, only to blow it by saying something or doing something silly.

The 5-second connection rule is based on a simple equation, that is inescapable when interacting with people in life.

So why not learn how to adjust yourself and have people judge you, on the real person you are and not the assumptions they make about you.

Would this give control back in your life? Wouldnt this be the start of directing your life towards what you want and desire? And yes you have 5 seconds to do it, so get it right!



Isn’t it interesting that within that 5 seconds what we say has little to no impact on impressing someone? This 5 second window of opportunity is based on how we look.

Now I’m not just talking about the clothes we wear I’m talking about the human being under the clothes.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt an instant connection? What were they doing, how did they look? Did they say anything?

What is important here is to realize how simple it is to connect with someone with no words.

To break it down simply, a caring smile, full attention on the other person and listening to what they have to say before you boast about your life and your accomplishments speak volumes and will leave that long lasting impression.

We have as humans, when we connect, a desire to speak about our self, and what we know. Within this 5 seconds, you don’t have time for this.

The only thing we can do is, utilize the fact we love to talk about our self as it makes us feel good, and allow the other person you wish to connect with to have these feeling, and connect them to you.

By this I mean, let people speak before you. Listen and put a caring smile on your face, and let this 5 seconds be the time that they judge you for something positive.

All it takes is 5 second. To connect with a possible long lasting relationship with people and even strangers.

The power of the mind inside this 5 seconds will judge. Make it judge you correctly!

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