Understanding Your Moral Values For A Successful Life

By understanding your moral values for a successful life, you can almost create a navigation system that aligns with what your mind deems good and bad.

By good and bad I mean you can understand what your mind agrees with and what it is opposed to in the context of your goals, success, wealth and even happiness.

Let me first give you a clear example of when you have done the opposite of your moral values. Knowing that your moral values are a guideline that your mind follows.

Think of them as an inbuilt set of rules that your mind has agreed to.

And believes it or not, you as a person have lived by without even knowing.

Have you ever said something to someone in the heat of the moment, then afterward felt bad about it? This is your moral value in action.

Let’s say that you have a moral value to treat people with respect so they treat you with respect. Then you go ahead and treat someone with no respect for their feelings or wellbeing.

Once you cross this line your mind will make feel you that feeling of ashamed, that feeling of guilt or hurt. It’s your mind telling you, you shouldn’t have done that.

These same rules apply with however you live your life, and if you cross the line and go against your moral values.

So by understanding your moral values for a successful life, you can either follow what your mind thinks is correct or begin to change your values and live through new ones ( I know which one I prefer )

Let’s say you constantly find that every time you spend money you feel a sense of lack, or guilty or even fear that you have wasted money. These feelings may be telling you that your mind ( unconsciously ) believes in lack not abundance, shortcomings and not for constant success.

So why is this important? Unless your unconscious mind believes that you have the right ( if you will ) to be rich and successful, you will feel these negative feelings to warn you off spending money etc.

As a business owner or someone who wants to improve their lives, we know that improving yourself takes time and money.

So if you decided to take that journey and begin spending your money wisely ( of course ) it may always result in feelings of lack that will stop you making a commitment to attend that seminar or buy that online course to improve your mind, thus your life stays stagnant.

Your moral values tell you a lot about how your life is mapped out internally. Now I’m not talking about a metaphysical thing, like using the universe to attract abundance or speaking to spirit guides, I’m talking about the physical feeling you get when you cross the moral value line.

How can you plan to be successful in life if whenever you go to take 1 step forward you feel negative or even painful feelings?

All that will happen is these feelings will keep you away from progressing in life and you will say to yourself “I’m too scared to do that”, “It will never work for me”, “I’ll feel too guilty to spend money on me”.

Overall the message here is that if your mind does not agree with what you want in a positive way these moral values and feelings will always be there to counteract your successful life.

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