What Happens When Your Mind Is Working For You

What happens when your mind is working for you? How do you know that you have aligned your mind completely with the direction to achieve your deepest desires in life?

You will hear often enough about the universe delivering if you trust that it will. And while this statement is nice to consider, for some of us these out there theories hold no tangible weight.

In this submission, I want to reveal what happens when your mind is working for you. And by working for you, I mean that, at an unconscious ( automatic ) level, your mind is opening your eyes up to new possibilities, and the key here is opening your eyes.

Let me give you a clear example of this.

If you have ever lost your keys, and are in a mad rush to get to work. You storm around your house stating “I’m going to be late”! “I’ll never find these keys”!

These statements are simple suggestions that in some instances, blinds you to see that your keys are either in your hand already or hanging on a hook right near the door where you have hung them time and time before.

This phenomenon is known as a negative hallucination, which is where things can seem to disappear. And for your unconscious mind, it can create a negative hallucination based on what it thinks is best for you in your life, and make opportunities to grow and be successful very limited.

To further this theory, you may agree that some of the biggest breakthroughs you have had, best ah-ha moments for ideas and the best problem-solving instances you have had, have led to such an easy and basic solution. Where you state “I can’t believe it was that simple”

What happens when your mind is working for you, is that through various means of self-development, such as self-hypnosis, meditation and even praying to the universe, your unconscious mind reverses these negative hallucinations and opportunities for success, wealth and fame become obvious.

Now the funny thing is that these solutions have not materialized out of the universal energy that creates matter. It comes from these opportunities always being there but you were blinded at an unconscious level to see them.

So what happens when your mind is working for you?

These opportunities become obvious, consistent and repetitive.

Use these keys to help you on your direction into an abundant life:

  1. If your goal is for more wealth and your mind has agreed to this. Be on the lookout for certain courses you can attend, books you can read or even a spoken opportunity that shows over and over again.
  2. If your goal is to be more confident and you constantly see a course for an assertiveness training over and over and over again, this is a clear sign of your unconscious mind telling you to take this course, because you will achieve your outcome quickly if you do.
  3. If you get a never-ending hunch or inspiration to begin a new venture in your life, take it!
  4. If you find yourself being drawn to talk to someone about something but have no idea why, do it!
  5. If you find the repetition of the same idea, thought or even advert on Tv that you can not escape, pay attention to it.

These synchronicities are not the universal spirits in action. This is the unconscious mind releasing the negative hallucination and screaming at you to pay attention to what is right in front of you.

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