Why Your Affirmations Keep Failing

Wouldnt it be interesting to know why your affirmations keep failing? If time and time again you have said to yourself out loud that you are confident, strong and live a prosperous life, while all around you, you see the opposite.

Why your affirmations keep failing is actually not what you may think.

If your goal setting, using self-hypnosis or even relying on the universe to bring you abundance, you will commonly hear the use of affirmations being talked about.

An affirmation is a statement or phrase that if said often enough, it will become true.

This idea was taken from the hypnotist who would use affirmations ( suggestions ) to help clients overcome their afflictions in life.

And there holds the reason why your affirmations keep failing. A great hypnotist knows that suggestions ( affirmations ) only work if the conscious mind is at rest.

If however the practitioner using affirmations states these phrase while the conscious mind is still active, they get negated if the conscious mind does not agree.

Now it is said that with repetition these statements become true.

While this may work for some cases, we need to start to think how often do we need to repeat them.

The reason ( again based on the work of a hypnotist ) for repetition is for the mind to get the message, but again, the conscious mind needs to be subdued before even the repetition rule can be used to your advantage.

So if you are walking around your house stating how healthy and confident you are, it’s not that what you are doing is incorrect.

You are just missing out on the main key to making affirmations ( suggestions ) work in the first place, which is trance ( or hypnosis; when the conscious mind is not active an the unconscious mind is more active )

So if you think the problem is the words, or the statement itself, hopefully, you can begin to see it doesn’t matter what you say, its WHEN you say it.

Affirmations are only beneficial when your conscious mind is less active. The reason affirmations work is because the unconscious mind ( if it agrees with them ) becomes like a sponge and over time these affirmations can become the new reality of the person who states them.

So if you are adamant on using them, putting yourself in trance ( mediations or relaxation ) should be where your attention turns too first.

By mastering the art of shutting down conscious thinking, you can begin to state your affirmations inside and mind and know that they are being heard by the right mind.

Affirmations have power in them only with the right timing.

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